Ginger Faye

from Actually Not

this here's the story 'bout ginger faye
packed her blush and made her way
from uva the story of ginger faye
pretty as a picture tall as a man
fire pole-thin with a sunbed tan
if anyone can make it down there she can
a half a world away…
the story of ginger faye

the broken dreams of ginger faye
her finger sports a rock
one that couldn't be digested
in the belly of a croc
the broken dreams of ginger faye
an unknown jewel of the usa
right before she could say "g'day" she
got pulled from the dock
in the jaws of a croc

this here's the story
bout you know who
sat 'neath a log
in the bottom of a swamp
for a day or two without a thing to do
took a trip on a roll of death
put up a fight till out of breath
no fine in nature for body theft
maybe time in a Sydney zoo…
what else you gonna do


you know how to never prompt attack
we fetched you once
but he came to claim you back

now there's a legend called ginger faye
took her name and opened a bar down
queensland way called ginger faye's
what's a poor young yank to do
when they blow her tune
on a didgeridoo
the one's in the dark are very few
about the legend of ginger faye
half a world away



Clem & Lille,  J. Fish Music/ASCAP/Downstream Lean Music/BMI

© 1993