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Eddie From Ohio


It Ain't Worth

mama always told her jenny girl
one day it'll be right
there's a man around the corner
just waiting to hold you tight
so she went to the local mixer
she asked a boy to dance
he turned around took a look her way
and shook his head not a chance

jenny bought a book of stamps
and she wrote a dozen letters
she mailed them out
to her best friends brothers
hopin that she might feel better
she waited patiently
for the postman to come by
but the same thing always happened
her mailbox was always dry

it ain't worth all the time that passes by
it ain't worth all the tears that she's been made to cry
it ain't worth all the emptiness inside
what's it all worth anyway

jenny drove a pickup truck
to the public high school every morning
and all the cheerleaders laughed at her
when they saw her clothes were torn
the senior prom came and went
jenny and johnny walker spent a quiet
night at home with the silent phone


it makes you wonder when comes the
stolen night with all the words you long
to hear
underneath a starry sky
he whispers softly in your ear
you're the only one
who makes this all seem clear
jenny never saw the day
what's it all worth anyway



Julie Murphy, EmJay Music
© 1993