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Eddie From Ohio


Maylee, I Had a Dream

You bought me a kitty cat, it made me cry
I've always been allergic to kitty cats
(and I think you knew that)

Maylee, I had a dream the other night
I can't forget the awful sight
of your head stuck in the freezer
Maylee, I couldn't tell if you were experimenting
with poor-man's cryogenics
or looking for the orange sherbet

So Maylee, if you want out just say you want out
and I'll be on my way

Maylee, I had a dream the other night
In your hand was a knife, a very sharp knife
You said you'd cut your heart out
Maylee, there you stood with your heart in
your hand, you said "here is my heart"
"You wanted it so bad, here now take it"


Lately I've overheard you complaining on the phone
to your mother
And the only reason I mention it now is the book
on your night table
"There Must Be Fifty Ways to Kill You Lover"


You bought me a kitty cat, and that's just fine
My dog enjoys chewing on your kitty cat (good dog)


Robbie Schaefer, Mrs. Jenkins Productions/ASCAP
© 1999