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Eddie From Ohio


Let's Get Mesolithic

from: Quick
I searched the whole world over- to find the perfect mate.
There's no place for traditionalists- If you want someone to date.
I just can't catch that special match- in the Age of Modern Man.
I need to be transported to some ancient distant land

It's B.C. vs. P.C.- It's Darwin vs. God.
It's Rubble vs. Redford- I want a hairy bod

Let's get Mesolithic, you can pull me by my hair.
Call this girl old-fashioned, but I say a cave is where
you'll find a loving cro-mag who will hunt and gather fare.
Let's get Mesolithic tonight

I've dated new age women- they don't impress me much.
There's only one advantage- they insist on going dutch
The independent self-reliant gals you see these days
don't understand my manly scent and knuckle-dragging ways

It's B.C. vs. P.C.- It's hands vs. fork & knife.
it's Wilma vs. Jane Fonda- I need an obedient wife

Let's get Mesolithic. let me drag you by your hair.
Call this guy old-fashioned but I say I cave is where
you'll find submissive woman with her Stone Age Tupperware.
Let's get Mesolithic tonight

I love it when you're rough.
I just can't get enough.
Come on over, Cave-boy, to my lair.
Give me some of that Alley Oop love stuff

I have no aspirations to leave the dwelling place.
I'm moody, broody & feel a duty to tidy the living space
So throw away your pager and forget that power lunch
I'm a "yes man" among women and I can surely take a punch

It's B.C. vs. P.C.- It's bedrock vs. couch.
It's flintstones vs. Brad Pitt, I want someone who'll slouch

Let's get Mesolithic. We'll grow out both our locks.
Instead of filing jointly we'll just gather sticks and rocks.
There's homo-erectus see the funny way he walks.
Let's get Mesolithic tonight.

I have no big ambitions except to hunt the beast.
I poke sticks at the Mastodon for a big carnivorous feast.
I am a hunter and a gatherer, I like my woman dumb.
I'll keep her my unequal to hold under my thumb.

It's B.C. vs. P.C. It's big man vs. wuss
It's Steak Nite vs. Vegan, I'm a lion not a puss.

Let's get Mesolithic and grow hair upon our backs.
Outsmart bigger predators and run when they attack.
Hang out naked and display my privates and your rack.
Let's get Mesolithic tonight.

Let's get Mesolithic, it's the way it's meant to be.
Why go buy a condo you can live up in a tree.
There's no stress in a world when all the food and love are free.
Oh, let's get Mesolithic, let's get Mesolithic, let's get Mesolithic tonight.


Michael Clem, J Fish Music/ASCAP