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Eddie From Ohio


Bones of a Lifetime

Victor dreamt of America
with excitement like politics
and big time crime
and shopping malls and big band halls
so much in store
for his immigrant mind
his land devastated by war
Victor went searching for more
in America

Charlie fell in love in the city of lights
the sidewalks, winos, fog-filled air
and ancient museums
for the plight that had freed them
in '44 Charlie fought le-grande guerre
never forgetting his past
Charlie had returned at last to gay Paris

oh the eyes of generations
the waiting arms of freedom
the distant ache of memories
the home of a foreigner
and the bones of a lifetime

ellis island, she shined like a jewel
with bright lights of promise
and American pride
a Frenchman's passion
Victor would ration
would overcome the worlds
about to collide
wide-eyed and puffing his chest
Victor braced himself for the best
in America

Paris had never meant so much more
the artists our lady the river seine
Charlie remembered times
much more tender
now all but the girl
in this city remained
placing a rose by their favorite bench
where once they had promised they never
would forget the summertime


Victor dreamt of America


Robbie Schaefer, Mrs. Jenkins Productions/ASCAP
© 1992