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Eddie From Ohio


Cleo & Tony

cleo wrote to tony
now pull me from this hell
I'll hock all of my precious jewels
and find a cheap motel
there's only room for you and me
the only two who care
Egyptians and centurions
could kill this perfect pair

who's watching the nile
how far can it be
not more than a mile
till both of us are free
we'll fool them at the border
and tell them that we're lost
if bribes are what they order
we'll pay them what it costs

tony wrote to cleo
now don't you sell no ring
I know this perfect getaway
just outside peking
we might stick out a little
let's hope that they won't stare
chinamen and asians won't kill this perfect pair


tony picked up cleo
he heard someone yell Caesar
now how you think they mean that
you think as in to seize her
or is it one's perception
and how some pharaoh sees her
instead a passerby confused
tony for Julius Caesar


we'll leave this misery
and both of us are free


Michael Clem, J Fish Music/ASCAP
© 1992