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Eddie From Ohio



I'm the one
the one with the coded knock
the phone rings twice so you call back
our expressions aren't in view
and we think that they don't know
we think that they don't know
I'm the one, the one you keep inside
your friends ask twice
but you hold back
I'm your only secret now
but I'm the best one you ever had
the best you ever had

you just leave on your
and I'll know it's all right
but don't draw your shade
'cause you never know
and if you see my brake light
plan to be up all night
your clock is set
the buzzer's on
to be sure I'm long gone by dawn
no one will see the disgrace of me
but just this once
would you please take it slow

you're the one
the one whose life is torn
when the wishbone splits
I come up short
but you, you keep both parts
and you think that you've got it made
you think you've got it made
you're the one
the one who holds the strings
you deal me time but I come up short
you spare your time like change
but I'm the best time you ever had
the best you ever had


we're the ones
the ones who hear a knock
two masters call, no answer back
we're the ones whose time has come
it's time to answer back
it's time to answer back

you can turn off your porchlight
and just know it's all right
you can draw your shade
the answer is no
you won't see my brake light
I bid you a sweet goodnight
don't set your clock
don't turn the buzzer on
you can sleep in late through dawn
you won't see the prize of me
there's one soul left to please
I'm not gonna show


Michael Clem, J Fish Music/ASCAP
© 1992