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Eddie From Ohio



it's a revolution of the darkest kind
I have seen it mirrored
in the darkening sky
I can put it in my hand
and hold it up to the light
but never see right through
it's a revolution in the purest form
and the house that we lived in's been tattered
and torn and my blanket
no longer keeps me warm
the cold it burned right through

wake up Vanessa
there's someone at the door
with a carbine on his shoulder
he's talking 'bout
a revolutionary war
this is all about faith
this is not about religion
since when did making love become
a life and death decision?

it's a clean destruction of the previous mind
and all I believed in's been shattered in kind
but I found that my heart's opened up my
mind and opened up my eyes
and it's no wonder that you found me here on
the side of the road with all I hold dear in a
brass-metal casing to shut out the fear
and cut it down to size



Robbie Schaefer, Mrs. Jenkins Productions/ASCAP
© 1992