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Eddie From Ohio



from: Big Noise
She is begging, for her pardon
she's guessing that it's
all part of the game
she is thinking, of words to part on
little does she know
she's begging for her name

it's the house on the corner
with the shutters painted red
they might strip this cycle clean
but keep circling instead

She is smashing the light out
succumbing to the lesions of desire
circle the wagons, pass the guns out
fetch your horses men
this gun's for hire
(she's gonna fire)


an eye for an eye, these samurais-
each at the ready
neither to be the first to flinch-
steady – steady

he is leaving, the door open
she is calling out his name
just like a man, he revs the engine
she wonders why
he always leaves the same way
(and if he ever came)



Robbie Schaefer, Mrs. Jenkins Productions/ASCAP
© 1997