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Eddie From Ohio


Train Song

from: Big Noise
Nebraska ain't nowhere to be
in the middle of June 1893
got my honey got a sandwich
I'm rolling along
this whole lotta woman
starts singin her song

clickety- clickety- clickety- clack
this ain't no Wyoming trail- it's a track
this ain't no wagon covered for rain
hi-ho silver, you're ridin a train

if this song were country
it'd be about prisons
pickups and pain
but this ain't no country
just another folk song
everybody's got a folk song
about a train

Gossip, that I hear
say 'Frisco's nice this time of year
Don't ask for money
and fame and such
just wanna get where I'm going
if that ain't too much



Robbie Schaefer, Mrs. Jenkins Productions/ASCAP
© 1997