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Eddie From Ohio


Mistress Snow & Mary Jane Green

Mistress Snow and Mary Jane Green
A rolled up ten in a coke machine
You won't get change
If you know what I mean
Prettiest crooks you ever seen
Mary Jane Green and Mistress Snow
Got a parcel of land
Where the funny grass grow
The wind and everybody else does blow
Two young gals you wouldn't want to know

So you want to date cheap
Don't let her pass you by
'Cause her price will get steep
Then you'll find out why
The first time is a charm
'Til she's clinging to your arm

So you want to date fast
So let her come your way
She'll want to make it last
She thought she heard you say
You think your life's too plain
Give it up for Mary Jane


So you want to be seen, put your credit down
Here's a friend of Miss Green
She'll show you 'round this town
She knows how to incite
Gonna keep you up all night

Got a vanity mirror
That she keeps upon her lap
When the coast is clear
She'll let you take a nap
Then you're gonna know
You gave it up for Mistress Snow

Making the town and the barstools swirl
They're good friends with the licorice girl
Lure you in like honey to a bee
Till you scrounge for seeds in a double lp
Blow your mind
Cause you only use one fifth anyway


Mistress Snow and Mary Jane Green
Smiling on the cover of a High Times magazine
Blow your mind
Cause you only use one fifth anyway


Michael Clem, J Fish Music/ASCAP
© 1995