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Eddie From Ohio


You & Me in a Rowboat to Rio

You hit the alarm clock
Life invading sleep
Hide the disappointment
But it's the life you keep
And you were far away, so far away
And you were far away, so far away

And in the morning
You said it isn't far to go
And the waves left salt-streaks in your hair
And in the middle of the night
Through the Gulf of Mexico
You said we're more than halfway there

And when we got there
We found a little action
Made some big dinero made it fast
Now we're making love under the waves
Upon the moonlight
And never mind the splinters in your…

You and me in a rowboat to Rio

A couple of sharks, endangered tropical fish
Enough colors to make you dizzy
But we've got all we need, got a lot of
Tropical fish to eat
And our eight track tapes of Thin Lizzy

You and me in a rowboat to Rio

Sometimes you feel like the only way there
Is as far as we go
And the only way back
Is a road you have long forsaken
Sometimes it seems like the only way through
Is through Rio
But I'm promising this ain't no organic trip
You've been taking

And on our way back home
We popped a couple of beers
And remembered all the words to Dark Star
And when we hit the sand
We made for higher land
And strapped her to the roof
Of your El Dorado

You and me and a rowboat from Rio


Robbie Schaefer, Mrs. Jenkins Productions/ASCAP
© 1995