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Eddie From Ohio


Soup Comes Cheap

Gray walls divided into building blocks
If one falls they all fall and I'm at rock bottom
And oh my shoulders ache
From shouldering the building blocks and heavy mistakes

Night falls divided into shades of black
My love calls he's a dreamer he ain't coming back
He's gone
And oh I miss him now
See I remember how to miss
I knew that I'd remember how

I may not have a birdseye view
But I've got a sidewalk seat
Here in witch city, soup comes cheap
Here in witch city, soup comes cheap

People divided and reclassified
The steeple of this church could touch
The sky with ease
And myself I would try
But it seems building blocks were never meant
To reach that high


Robbie Schaefer, Mrs. Jenkins Productions/ASCAP
© 1995